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Hi, we're Byron and Charlotte

We’re Byron and Charlotte, a belgian couple travelling the world in our self – converted van. On October 9 we took the boat from our country to the UK and started our world travel there. As we travel and share our adventures we would like to build up a community of people with the same mindset…

Blog posts

Every Saturday we upload a new blog post about what to do and some travel tips.


You can find our beautiful pictures on our facebook page. The best ones we put on patreon. In the section “about us” you can find all of the social media links or click on the button below to go to the links.

❝Make your dreams & goals in life come true❞

Don't let anyone say what you can or can't do, just do what you want to do and go for it. If you'll never try you'll never know !

We know it’s hard sometimes but if you really want something, anything is possible you just have to open your mind and believe in it.

More quality for life

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