What to do in Canterbury?

What to do in Canterbury?

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Canterbury is a pleasant town to walk in. The town has a medieval style, as if time has stood still. Yet the town has many nice shops, cafes and restaurants. You can also plan great activities there, such as a nice boat trip on the river, visiting museums or simply visiting the beautiful buildings/monuments.

Today it is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in England. The Canterbury Heritage Museum completes the story of the historic city with Invicta the engine that pulled the world’s first passenger railway and the locally created characters Rupert Bear and Bagpuss.

The city has been home to poets and playwrights and an inspiration to writers of English literature through the centuries. At the centre is an extraordinary monument : Christ Church Gateway, it is highly embellished and decorated with heraldic motifs, including coats of arms and mythical beasts.

See the sights from the water, the river stour flows through the city and was the main source of commerce connecting the continent to Canterbury in Roman and Medieval times. If you go in October you can do a spooky river tour (Canterbury Punting Co), complete with lanterns.

You can try a few of the local pubs : if you love a great live music pub, or you like to choose your own sounds on their jukebox then you can go to The Lady Luck. If you’re more for a cosy place you can choose for Artichoke Inn, It’s a great place to pop into during the colder months, as they have two large open fires.

Tip : Keep your eyes open for the hidden gems, boat trip/ restaurants/ pubs in the small streets.

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